Guida di Installazione

Download Gate

  • Click on Download and wait until the Gate download finishes.
  • Note: you can download anytime the Gate App from
  • Open the GateApp.exe file to start the installation. When the installation finishes, the Gate will open up automatically.


  • We can either Create Account from the web or from the Gate. The steps are exactly the same. Click on ´Create Account´ (Gate) or ´Register´ (Web).
  • Fill out the fields with your information, read and accept the Terms and Conditions to Create the Account.
  • Validate your recently created account on your email inbox. Open it up and click on ´Validate Account´ (the Gate App will be launched automatically).
  • Congratulations, your account has been created. You´re ready to Log In in the Gate.

Add Product Key

  • Go to the Gate and Log In with your credentials. Gate must be installed to run any software.
  • Go to your Profile (bottom-left) > My Account, click on ´Add your Product Key´.
  • Copy and paste the Product Key provided by your vendor and click on ´Validate´. Note: this Product Key refers to TDM Products, not Rhinoceros.

Download Software

  • Go to Software, and choose from the submenu the desired one.
  • Click on ´Download and Install´ and wait until the process ends.
  • Once finished, you will have the option to Run the software.

Download Rhinoceros

  • If you do not have Rhino 6 downloaded yet, click on Download.
  • Enter your email address and click ´Next>´. Click on ´Download English´ or ´Select another language (if you do not want Rhino in English).
  • Once finished, open the rhino.exe file to start the installation.
  • Read and check the Terms and Conditions and click on ´Install Now´. Wait until it finishes and click on ´Close´.
  • Rhinoceros is now installed. Its time to license it. Open Rhinoceros and a panel will appear. Click on ´Login´ and choose (an account of Google for instance) or create a new one.
  • Go back to the panel, and click on ´Enter your license key´. Fill the fields with your Name and the email previously used, and paste the Rhino 6 key (starting with RH60).
  • Click on ´Continue´ and start enjoying Rhino.