Gate: Quick Guide

The Gate Desktop App is an application that acts as a core of our products and services. With the options to install your products or evaluate them, update, manage, purchase... and much more, the app becomes a must-have tool for our customers.

Everything is connected through the user account.

The app has the goal of being the right way our customers will connect with us. Download the last updates, purchase new software or services, manage accounts, contact support... Everything you need to enjoy a new experience!

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  • 1. Log In
  • 2. Home
  • 3. News
  • 4. Products
    • 4.1. Download, Try, Run
    • 4.2. Features
    • 4.3. Gallery
    • 4.4. System Requirements
    • 4.5. Older versions
  • 5. Elements
  • 6. Learning
  • 7. CAD/CAM Services
  • 8. Labs
  • 9. Store
    • 9.1. Products
    • 9.2. Your Dealer
  • 10. Shop in Stuller
  • 11. Profile
    • 11.1. Support
      • 11.1.1. FAQ
      • 11.1.2. Community
      • 11.1.3. Contact Us
      • 11.1.4. Remote Connection
    • 11.2. Properties
      • 11.2.1. Settings
    • 11.3. My Account
      • 11.3.1. My Licenses
      • 11.3.2. Profile
  • 1. Log In

    First step. You can log in with your accound or create a free account to have access to the trial products.

    2. Home

    Quick acces access to the most important news about RhinoGold, Clayoo and RhinoNest, as well as coming shows, trainings and much more.

    3. News

    All and complete news are available in this block. Yo can find news about software, updates, training, events, fairs and more topics.

    4. Products

    Quick access to any software as RhinoGold, Clayoo and RhinoNest. In all of them you can find sub-sections as you can see below.

    4.1. Download, Try, Run

    If you are a licensed user for RhinoGold 6, Clayoo 2 or RhinoNest 4, add your license on User > My account. Back in Software > select your Rhino version and Run your product.

    If you are a new user and you want to try our softwares, Download and Install. Once the software is installed you will be able to Try it Out. By default is 2 days, with the option to extend it for another 15 at no cost.

    4.2. Features

    All information about the product and quick access to request an Online Demonstration and Webinars.

    4.4. System Requeriments

    Check out if your computer has the system requirements needed to run each software.

    4.5. Older versions

    If you have a previous versions from RhinoGold 5, Clayoo 1, RhinoNest 3 or below as well as other software such as RhinoEmboss, RhinoShoe... you can download it on this section, but will not be compatible to run with Gate Desktop App.

    5. Elements

    Select any 3D model from RhinoGold or Clayoo Elements library. Choose yours and edit in their own way for your convenience.

    6. Learning

    Quick access to our learning platform where you can find RhinoGold and Clayoo online courses, hundred of step-by-step video and written tutorials, videos by command and Certification. In the same way you find a quick access to request a different packs for consultancy.

    7. CAD/CAM Services

    Quick access to Stuller CAD/CAM Services for your professional jewelry manufacturing partner.

    8. Labs

    WIP (Work in Progress) projects for free evaluation.

    9. Store

    Quick access to any software as RhinoGold, Clayoo and RhinoNest. In all of them you can find sub-sections as you can see below.

    9.1. Products

    Place where you can directly purchase any software, upgrade from previous version or get the premium subscription.

    9.2. Your Dealer

    Buy, get support and learn more about how our software solutions can improve your business by contacting an authorized dealer with your own language.

    10. Shop in Stuller

    Get jewelry products, customized and services directly from Stuller.

    11. Profile

    Manage and know aspects linked with your account and Gate Desktop App.

    11.1. Support

    Do you have any question about our software or have technical problems? Don't hesitate to check out this section.

    11.1.1. FAQ

    Frequent Answer Questions. Search and find your problem to optimize time and costs. Maybe your have a common problem and it can be solved easily.

    11.1.2. Community

    Quick access to our forum discussions, questions, ideas and comments related to software.

    11.1.3. Contact Us

    Information to contact directly with us.

    11.1.4. Remote Connection

    If you have any problem with the software, any Platinum member can download Teamviewer to let us connect remotely to your computer and solve the issues.

    11.2. Properties

    11.2.1. Settings

    Internal options of Gate Desktop App.

    11.3. My Account

    Manage your account parameters and your licenses.

    11.3.1. My Licenses

    Find the licenses of products that you bought and previously added with "Add Product Key" button.

    11.3.2. Profile

    Find and edit your user information and password.