Clayoo 2.5 - News

Clayoo 2.5 - News


  • Clayoo kernel refactor, more reliable and faster
  • User Interface updated with new controls, responsive, more clear, unified and user friendly.
  • Vertex visualization has been updated to make difference between normal state, mouseover and selected.
  • Implemented a button on the toolbar on viewport to toggle between Cage/Smooth visualization when model is subdivided. Can also be set by default in settings (Points on Surface option).
  • Help documentation updated and improved.
  • Settings panel updated and adapted to the new User Interface.
  • _ClayReportFeedback: new command to allow users free communication with the Developer Team to communicate crashes, bugs, wishes or any functionality concern.
  • Toolbar updated implementing new commands and changes.
  • Subdivision Level can be set by object, instead of only by scene.
  • Parameters by default has been updated in all commands and are saved in session, in order to rerun commands with previous changes.
  • Shaders updated when working with Rhino layers.
  • Level of Subdivision of the object is set automatically to "1" to improve performance. This change is applied while transforming geometry with gumball.


  • Parameters by default updated in all primitives.


  • _ClayAppendFace: new command to substitute _ClayFace, _ClayAddFace and _ClayRetopology. This command has now all functionallities from commands listed before, and much more.
  • _ClayFace: command removed, functionality added to _ClayAppendFace.
  • _ClaySweep2: improved result geometry.
  • _ClayRetopology: command removed, functionality added to _ClayAppendFace.
  • _ClaySignetRing: template model updated and new parameters added to give more freedom while modeling.


  • _ClayAddFace: command removed, functionality added to _ClayAppendFace.
  • _ClayInset: improved result and option to create it by bisector (to fill cases when the regular was not enough).
  • _ClayExtrude: improved result and workflow when using curves. Implementation of Extrusions with gumballs (move and scale) using Rhino curves.
  • _ClayBridge: implemented option to create Bridge Tangential, taking normals from start and end selection. Align options has been updated to match better by default, and be easier to align.
  • _ClayShell: improved result geometry.
  • _ClayWeld: new command that allow us join vertices, individually using a pair, or multiples settings a tolerance.
  • _ClayMatch: functionality using vertices has been removed (applied on _ClayWeld), now it works with edges and there is an option to align for complex cases. Implemented an option to Match with curve.
  • _ClayMatchCurve: command removed, functionality added to _ClayMatch.
  • _ClayMerge: command removed, functionality added to _ClayMatch and _ClayWeld (depending on Selection Mode).
  • _ClaySymmetry: improved workflow and functionality. Now we can set more than one symmetry axis per object, symmetry axis is attached to the object (freedom to move it), symmetry axis now can be defined by Plane or by EdgeLoop, both parts are real and geometry auto merge to the symmetry axis (using a threshold).
  • _ClayUnifyNormals: has been improved to check closed object and choose by default a better normal direction.
  • _ClayAnalizeDistance: command removed.
  • _ClaySubdivisionLevel: new command that controls the level of subdivision of the scene objects. Allow us to increase or decrease the level.


  • _ClaySelectCoplanar: improved to detect better coplanarities.


  • Updated User Interface to match with the rest of the Software.
  • Extended list of commands that allow Hotkeys.
  • List of Hotkeys updated.
  • Status of Hotkeys active or inactive is not changing automatically (even when closing Clayoo or Rhinoceros), it keeps previous state.
  • Added two more tabs of Hotkeys to be fully customizable.
  • Hotkeys tabs can be exported and imported.

Command names updated

  • From _ClayFace to _ClayAppendFace.
  • From _ClayCreateByCurve to _ClayFromCurve.
  • From _ClayCreateByTwoCurves to _ClayFrom2Curves.
  • From _ClayCreateBySurface to _ClayConvertSurface.
  • From _ClayCreateByMesh to _ClayConvertMesh.
  • From _ClayCreateByTSpline to _ClayConvertTSpline.
  • From _ClaySelectionCoplanar to _ClaySelectCoplanar.

How to download it:

1) Sign In on your TDM account on, go to Dashboard › Software Installer and you will find the Clayoo (Release Candidate) installer (Coming 2.5).

We thank you for your valuable feedback and hope to keep receiving it!