Clayoo Update

We are excited to announce a new update for Clayoo:

- Lags & delay time: solved problems when sometimes Clayoo was laggy.

- Fixed real time materials with texture display for Clayoo & Emboss meshes.

- Inset with Gumball: now scaling with the gumball when holding Alt is creating an inset.

- Ring and Signet Ring commands: updated Region Selector.

- Loft: subdivisions placed correctly when using polylines.

- Hotkey Tab: fixed and issue when some commands disable the option to toggle between Smooth/Basic view.

- Shell: bug solved when sometimes, deleting a face, edge or point was deleting the all geometry.

- Copy/Paste: fixed a bug when sometimes the pasted object was a mesh instead of a ClayObject.

- Hotkeys: issues & crashes solved when using a different language than English.

- SelModeObjects: fixed when using a different language than English.

- Emboss Commands fixed in other languages than English.

To download this update, follow the next steps:

- Go to

- Sign in with your account credentials

- Click on Software Installers (left panel)

- Download Clayoo

If you have any question, please send us an email to or write a post on the Forum (