rhinoshoe soles footwear sample

    2D Scaling with Advanced Tools

  • Scale according to international patterns with the option to create your own patterns.

  • Definition of cancellations in order to preserve common zones for several sizes. RhinoShoe includes advanced constraints including scaling by changing positions but not form, maintaining logos set, maintaining parallelisms for seams, etc.

  • Definition of non-orthogonal and orthogonal scaling axes.

    3D Scaling for Soles and Molds

  • Vectorization by central and external curves.

  • Variable offset by zones of curves for corrections.

  • Development of curves on the surface.

  • Development of 3D curves on the plane.

  • Texture 3D Designer.

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System Requirements

TDM Products for Windows run on ordinary Windows desktop and laptop computers with:

Minimum System Requirements

Intel Core i5 or higher processor. 200 MB disk space. 2 GB RAM. OpenGL compatible graphics card. Windows 7 or higher.

Recommended System Requirements

Intel Core i7 or higher processor (64 bits). 500 MB disk space. 8Gb RAM or more. NVIDIA GT 430, ATI Radeon 5570 or Higher . Windows 7 or higher.