Advanced tools

Advanced tools for puffing in Add, Remove, Union, Z Max, … All the you need! No limits!

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Profiles and Brushes

Create your profiles and brushes as easy as precise!

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Get your pictures and use it to create amazing relief! Library included!

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Allows to reduce the weight of the models without modifying the geometry.

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Polish your model from sharp edges and give the right smooth fancy look!

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Advanced Text on Curve

Add any text however font you want to add or engrave on your model!

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Sculpting Modeling

Sculpt using the brush tool to give the final detail! Sculpt in Rhino!

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Raster to Vector

With Raster to vector, we can extract the curves of any picture or drawing. This is useful to start the model from images.

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Carbon Copy by Brush

Sculpt on your pictures and it applies the image automatically

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Advanced Textures Editor

Ever imagined adding your own texture on your relief? Unlimited possibilities with just one tool!

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User Interface Improvements

New operator selector, sort the operations by drag and drop,…

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Minimum System Requirements

Intel Core i5 or higher processor. 200 MB disk space. 2 GB RAM. OpenGL compatible graphics card. Windows 7 or higher. RhinoEmboss does run on Windows 64-bit only.

Recommended System Requirements

Intel Core i7 or higher processor (64 bits). 500 MB disk space. 8Gb RAM or more. NVIDIA GT 430, ATI Radeon 5570 or Higher . Windows 7 or higher. RhinoEmboss does run on Windows 64-bit only.