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What's new in RhinoEmboss 2.0

The most important news in 2.0 are:

Decimator: Allows to reduce the weight of the models without modify the geometry.

User Interface Improvements: New operator selector, sort the operations by drag and drop,...

New Stamp Operation:

New Carbon Copy by Brush: Sculpt on your pictures and it applies the image automatically.

Brush, Carbon Copy and Smooth Operation with curve constrain: We can define the area to Sculpt and Smooth by one or more curves.

Inflate: New option to set the reliefs sizes automatically by one or more curves.

Base on Geometry Operation and Revolve Operation support multiple objects.

By Profile Operation: It adjust automatic the sizes.

Project Settings: More options, even higher resolution projects.

New NURBS Exporter: Now RhinoEmboss creates a lighter surfaces. New option to define subdivisions.

Faster Computation: The algorithms are improved to compute even faster than RhinoEmboss 1.0.

New Stamp Library: Manage your stamps easily.

New Tiff 16bit export format: Now the projects, textures and stamps have a default definition of 16 bit, more than 65.000 levels in Z.

Zoo Compatible: RhinoEmboss 2.0 is compatible with Rhinoceros and RhinoGold floating license system.

Mayor and Minor bugs fixed.