2.5.18058.1 / 2.6.18057.32.5.17346.12.5.17257.
Update Notes
Clayoo 2.6.18057.3 / 2.5.18058.1 (February 27, 2018)
Only for 2.6.18057.3 (Rhino 6)
  • Changed the name of Rhino 6 version.
  • Changed installer path.
  • Changed uninstaller path.
  • Changed the register key.
  • TFS for both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6.
  • API updated for Rhino 6.
  • Rhino 6 license adaptation.
  • Changed the name for Rhino 6 installer.
  • Options updated.
  • WPF controls updated.
  • Fixed a bug where Zoo licenses sometimes were failing.
  • Fixed some strings in Japanese.
  • Fixed a bug where object selection was lost when transforming.
  • Fixed a bug where 2D disk to move object was not working in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug when sometimes overlapping gumballs worked wrongly.
  • _ClayEllispoid: fixed a bug where caps were opened.
  • _ClayDivide: fixed a bug where by points sometimes was failing.
  • _ClayInset: fixed a bug where inset was creating wrong geometry with weird preselections.
  • Fixed a crash where the license was not working if the language was different than English.
  • Fixed a crash when using Extrude by curve and picking a closed one.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the images were not displayed in the viewport.
  • Added a new display mode "Sculpt Rendered" to enhance performance while sculpting.
Clayoo 2.5.17346.1 (December 12, 2017)
General changes
  • User Guide: updated to the latest version.
  • Release Candidate default value set to False (deactivated).
  • New analytics to collect data implemented.
  • Clayoo is now uninstalling the previous version in silent mode.
  • _ClayInset: changed the RUI string in Spanish from _ClayIncrustación to _ClayInserción.
  • Changed the object type from Clay Surface to Clay Object.
  • Fixed a bug where turning off Clayoo set the scene basic/smooth mode general, not by object.
  • _ClaySphere: fixed a bug when radius = 0.
  • _ClayCone: fixed a bug where in Korean was not working.
  • _ClayFromCurve: fixed a bug where negative values were not allowed.
  • _ClayFromCurve: fixed a bug where invalid inputs were not opening the UI.
  • _ClayLoft: added an option to close the loft from the last to the first profile.
  • _ClayBlueprint: size by default readjusted.
  • _ClayBlueprint: fixed a bug where align was not correct.
  • _ClayDivide: fixed a bug where hidden and locked objects were affected by the tool.
  • _ClayMatch: fixed a bug where aligning into a closed curve had two points to align.
  • Fixed a bug where materials in some display modes were wrongly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where Record History was not always working with Clayoo gumballs.
  • _ClayWeld: fixed a bug where using weld with a selection mode different than vertex was not requesting for the second selection.
  • _ClayBridge: bridge align has been updated to be more useful in complex shapes.
  • _ClayShell: fixed a bug where shell was not generating geometry in some cases.
  • _ClaySymmetry: fixed a bug where joining parts had issues with the gumball.
  • GH Clay Convert Mesh component added.
  • GH Clay Loft component added.
  • GH Clay Revolve component added.
  • GH Clay Sweep component added.
  • GH Clay Decompose Edges component added.
  • GH Clay Decompose Faces component added.
  • GH Clay Decompose Vertices component added.
  • GH Clay Explode component added.
  • GH Clay Draw Edges component added.
  • GH Clay Draw Faces component added.
  • GH Clay Vertices component added.
  • GH Clay Bridge component added.
  • GH Clay Delete Faces component added.
  • GH Clay Extrude component added.
  • GH Clay Inset component added.
  • GH Clay Shell component added.
  • GH Clay Weld component added.
  • GH Clay Window component added.
  • GH Clay Box component added.
  • GH Clay Cone component added.
  • GH Clay Cylinder component added.
  • GH Clay Ellipsoid component added.
  • GH Clay Plane component added.
  • GH Clay Sphere component added.
  • GH Clay Torus component added.
  • GH Clay Truncated Cone component added.
  • GH Clay Object component added.
  • GH Clay Selection Indices component added.
  • GH Clay Basic component added.
  • GH Clay Smooth component added.
  • GH Clay Mesh Smooth component added.
  • Fixed a crash adding curves to the Resources Manager from the right view.
  • Fixed a crash using Texture Builder.
  • _RasterToVector: size by default readjusted.
Clayoo 2.5.17257.1 (September 13, 2017)
Command changes
  • Toggle between Basic/Smooth mode is now also working by object, not only by scene.
  • _ClayExtrude: height by default changed from 5 to 1.
  • _ClayReportFeedback: added a new field with the sender email (auto-filled if possible).
  • _ClayAbout: added a link to check the Update Notes.
  • Selection integrated with Rhino (some selection bugs were fixed with this new implementation).
  • Edges in basic mode are now painted by the shader (performance improvement).
  • Over selection performance improved.
  • Append face is now snapping to the grid points (if Grid Snap is active).
  • Fixed a bug where hidden Clayoo objects were unable to recover Clayoo properties.
  • Added an option in Settings to control the Subdivision Level of the object while transforming (level 2 by default).
  • Fixed a bug where undoing a _Copy step was showing hidden objects.
  • ClayWeld: improved result when multiple selection comes from different objects (two coplanar objects for instance).
  • _ClayEmbossTextOnCurve: fixed a crash when using thickness and a text with spaces.
  • Global performance of sculpting improved (faster and cleaner surfaces).
  • Sculpting shader improved (lights, shadows, and diffuse color).
  • _ClaySculptBrush: improved brush result.
  • _ClaySculptInflate: improved brush result.
  • _ClaySculptFlatten: improved brush result.
  • Sculpting brushes icons updated.
  • Fixed a bug where Rhino Autosave was updating the original sculpted geometry.
  • Fixed a bug where using _ClayEdit inside Sculpting was closing the sculpting tab.
Clayoo (July 12, 2017)
Command changes
  • _ClayUpdate: added a new command to check for updates manually (it has no icon, just from command line).
  • _ClayExtractIsocurve: added a new command to extract an isocurve from a Clayoo object.
  • _ClayDivide: fixed a bug where having symmetry active made dividing by points so hard.
  • _ClayExtract: now is working with Ngons.
  • _ClayOffset: now is working with Ngons.
  • _ClayKnife: improved result in complex geometries.
  • _ClaySymmetry: fixed a bug where sometimes the "Broken Symmetry" alert text was hidden.
  • Gumballs: fixed a bug where sometimes gumballs rest on the viewport.
  • Gumballs: fixed a bug where scale gumball blinked when used in multiple views.
  • Hotkeys: now are not running any command when the focus is in a textbox.
  • Select Crease: icon updated on RhinoGold interface.
  • Clayoo commands are no longer changing the Rhino menu tab if the command has no interface.
  • Layer color now updates when toggling between basic and smooth view and inside commands.
  • Fixed a bug where Clayoo objects were displayed in basic view the first time Clayoo was activated.
  • Fixed a crash where 3D scale gumball was used with a certain value in textbox.
  • Emboss is no longer running Decimator automatically after validating the project.
  • Export Heightfield image is no longer a project option.
  • Fixed a bug where the decimator progress bar was not scalable.
  • Fixed a bug where resizing the project properties after using Carbon Copy by Brush had a wrong display.
  • Fixed a bug where the gumball was not updating automatically when changing the parameters.
  • Close button on the Profile Selector is no longer duplicated.
  • Changed some Emboss icons that were not updated.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a new profile was doing nothing the first time we clicked.
  • Fixed a bug where editing a profile was not replacing it.
  • Added the option to save the Clayoo object after sculpting it.
  • Sculpting User Interface updated.
  • Fixed a bug where brush size was not matching with the real action area.
  • Fixed a bug where an unvalidated sculpted object kept on the viewport when opening a new file.
Clayoo (February 14, 2017)
  • Clayoo kernel refactor, more reliable and faster.
  • User Interface updated with new controls, responsive, more clear, unified and user friendly.
  • Vertex visualization has been updated to make difference between normal state, mouseover and selected.
  • Implemented a button on the toolbar on viewport to toggle between Cage/Smooth visualization when model is subdivided. Can also be set by default in settings (Points on Surface option).
  • Help documentation updated and improved.
  • Settings panel updated and adapted to the new User Interface.
  • _ClayReportFeedback: new command to allow users free communication with the Developer Team to communicate crashes, bugs, wishes or any functionality concern.
  • Toolbar updated implementing new commands and changes.
  • Subdivision Level can be set by object, instead of only by scene.
  • Parameters by default has been updated in all commands and are saved in session, in order to rerun commands with previous changes.
  • Shaders updated when working with Rhino layers.
  • Level of Subdivision of the object is set automatically to "1" to improve performance. This change is applied while transforming geometry with gumball.
  • Parameters by default updated in all primitives.
  • _ClayAppendFace: new command to substitute _ClayFace, _ClayAddFace and _ClayRetopology. This command has now all functionallities from commands listed before, and much more.
  • _ClayFace: command removed, functionality added to _ClayAppendFace.
  • _ClaySweep2: improved result geometry.
  • _ClayRetopology: command removed, functionality added to _ClayAppendFace.
  • _ClaySignetRing: template model updated and new parameters added to give more freedom while modeling.
  • _ClayAddFace: command removed, functionality added to _ClayAppendFace.
  • _ClayInset: improved result and option to create it by bisector (to fill cases when the regular was not enough).
  • _ClayExtrude: improved result and workflow when using curves. Implementation of Extrusions with gumballs (move and scale) using Rhino curves.
  • _ClayBridge: implemented option to create Bridge Tangential, taking normals from start and end selection. Align options has been updated to match better by default, and be easier to align.
  • _ClayShell: improved result geometry.
  • _ClayWeld: new command that allow us join vertices, individually using a pair, or multiples settings a tolerance.
  • _ClayMatch: functionality using vertices has been removed (applied on _ClayWeld), now it works with edges and there is an option to align for complex cases. Implemented an option to Match with curve.
  • _ClayMatchCurve: command removed, functionality added to _ClayMatch.
  • _ClayMerge: command removed, functionality added to _ClayMatch and _ClayWeld (depending on Selection Mode).
  • _ClaySymmetry: improved workflow and functionality. Now we can set more than one symmetry axis per object, symmetry axis is attached to the object (freedom to move it), symmetry axis now can be defined by Plane or by EdgeLoop, both parts are real and geometry auto merge to the symmetry axis (using a threshold).
  • _ClayUnifyNormals: has been improved to check closed object and choose by default a better normal direction.
  • _ClayAnalizeDistance: command removed.
  • _ClaySubdivisionLevel: new command that controls the level of subdivision of the scene objects. Allow us to increase or decrease the level.
  • _ClaySelectCoplanar: improved to detect better coplanarities.
  • Updated User Interface to match with the rest of the Software.
  • Extended list of commands that allow Hotkeys.
  • List of Hotkeys updated.
  • Status of Hotkeys active or inactive is not changing automatically (even when closing Clayoo or Rhinoceros), it keeps previous state.
  • Added two more tabs of Hotkeys to be fully customizable.
  • Hotkeys tabs can be exported and imported.
Command names updated
  • From _ClayFace to _ClayAppendFace.
  • From _ClayCreateByCurve to _ClayFromCurve.
  • From _ClayCreateByTwoCurves to _ClayFrom2Curves.
  • From _ClayCreateBySurface to _ClayConvertSurface.
  • From _ClayCreateByMesh to _ClayConvertMesh.
  • From _ClayCreateByTSpline to _ClayConvertTSpline.
  • From _ClaySelectionCoplanar to _ClaySelectCoplanar.
Clayoo (June 22, 2016)
  • Lags & delay time: solved problems when sometimes Clayoo was laggy.
  • Fixed real time materials with texture display for Clayoo & Emboss meshes.
  • Inset with Gumball: now scaling with the gumball when holding Alt is creating an inset.
  • Ring and Signet Ring commands: updated Region Selector.
  • Loft: subdivisions placed correctly when using polylines.
  • Hotkey Tab: fixed and issue when some commands disable the option to toggle between Smooth/Basic view.
  • Shell: bug solved when sometimes, deleting a face, edge or point was deleting the all geometry.
  • Copy/Paste: fixed a bug when sometimes the pasted object was a mesh instead of a ClayObject.
  • Hotkeys: issues & crashes solved when using a different language than English.
  • SelModeObjects: fixed when using a different language than English.
  • Emboss Commands fixed in other languages than English.
Clayoo (May 24, 2016)
  • 3D scale gumball: improved behaviour of limits and direction swapping.
  • ClayCreateByCruve: crashes fixed.
  • ClayExtrude: major bugs fixed when tapering and using a curve with multiple selection.
  • ClayExtrude: crashes fixed.
  • ClayMatch: solved a bug when a match, in loops of naked edges, merged the all abject.
  • ClaySweep: minor and major bugs fixed.
  • Sculpting: brush accuracy improved.
  • Sculpting: holding Alt and mouse left-click, dragging vertically is changing intensity, and horizontally is changing radius.
Clayoo (April 26, 2016)
  • ATI and Intel: NVidia is the best graphic card to use Rhinoceros,RhinoGold and Clayoo, but now we support ATI and Intel. Improvement.
  • Visualization improvements in Primitive Geometries.Improvement.
  • Topology: Better topology results in commands as such as divide, split sides... Priorizing Ngons.
  • Topology: Deleting Edges: Algorithm improved. Now delete the isolated points.
  • Gumball: Scaling vertices in a distance 0. Bug fixed.
  • Gumball: Compatible with Undo/Redo.
  • Gumball: Mayor and minor bugs fixed.
  • License: Integrated with Single User Account.
  • New Toolbar: Rhinoceros interface Improvement.
  • ClayDivide: Create an automatic loop of edges depending the cursor position when no pre-selection.
  • ClayRing: Sliders were not working in User Interface. Fixed.
  • ClaySphere: Div X locked in Quad Sphere. Improvement.
  • ClayExtrude: Workflow improved and bug fixed with curves.
  • ClayBridge: Workflow improved in automatic alignment.
  • ClayBluePrint: Workflow improved with any picture size.
  • Clayoo Objects: Full compatible with Lock/Unlock & Show/Hide of Rhinoceros and RhinoGold.
  • ClaySculptTwist: Workflow improved with Symmetry activated.
  • ClayCreateByCurve: Workflow improved.
  • Hotkeys: activate/deactivate toggle of hotkeys shortcut is not set by default anymore.